Massage therapy

 is used both to treat and prevent health problems.
 In my work, I use various techniques to release tension, 
 stiffness and blocks in muscles and joints.


To live fully, we need balance and harmony 
 in relation to ourselves and in relation to others.
 Through discussions and exercises, we lay focus on what you need, 
 in order to get better influence and change in your life/work situation.
 Becoming motivated and inspired to see opportunities and solutions,
 to increase the desire to live and raise your life quality.

 Your first visit

 starts with a discussion about your problems
 and your medical history, e.g. what treatment you have recived in the past
 and what sort of medications you have used etc.
 Then follows an examination of your posture, mobility, nerve and muscle status
 to stablish any physical dysfunctions.

 The examination is free of charge

 and aims to help me make an assessment to determine your specific needs.
 Another important aspect of the examination, is to find out 
 what is causing your problems, 
 to avoid a treatment focussing merely on symptom relief.

More info: Treatment Techniques >Klick here 

Are you in pain?
Feel stiff and tense?
Have unsolved life problems?


Do you have acute/chronic problems 
with back, neck, sholders, 
pelvis or hips?

Radiating pain, numbness down your 
arms and legs?

Torticollis or lumbago?

Stiff and painful 
muscles or joints?

Headache or dizziness?

Or just want to give yourself a 
nice and relaxing massage?

Do you feel stressed and inadequate?

Want to have better influence 
in your life / your life situation?

Internal grow and develop as a person?

Increase the desire to live and 
rise your life quality?

Strengthen your self-esteem?


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