Swedish massage

Tense muscles don´t get enough oxygen, 
which leads to pain and discomfort. 
Lactic acid and oxins stored in the muscles 
can cause stiffness and pain.
The purpose of Swedish massage, 
is to increase oxygen flow in the lymphatic and circulatory systems
to relive pain and discomfort.
The massage stimulates the production of oxytocine - 
the body´s hormone of "calm and healing".
Through gliding strokes, kneading and pressure, 
both physical and emotional tension can be released.
The muscles become more elastic and flexible, 
which results in improves mobility.


Inproves the flexibility of shortened or tight muscles 
by lengthening the connective tissue.
It restores the muscle balance and provides
a more long-term effect than massage exclusively.
It also reduces the strain on the body and improves posture.
Stretching provides pain relief, improves performance 
and strengthens the body´s resistance to injury.

Deep muscle therapy

Specific treatment of deep muscles.

Trigger points therapy and acupressure

Har du ont?
Är du stel och spänd?
Har du kört fast?

Har du akuta/kroniska besvär med
leder, muskler, nerver?

Problem med nacke, axlar, skuldror,
rygg, bäcken?

Utstrålande smärta i armar eller ben?

Nackspärr eller ryggskott?

Stela eller smärtsamma leder?


Huvudvärk eller yrsel?

Upplever du dig stressad och otillräcklig?

Eller vill du bara unna dig en
skön & avkopplande massage?

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